Shade sails in Nelson and the Top of the south

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Company History

A small company quietly growing since 2004, in Stoke. Manufacturing our own sails,Awnings and general canvas and pvc work , as well as in house manufacturing of posts and special fittings where necessary.We also provide fittings and fabrics. If it concerns the sun(the rain or wind)we are the one. 


UPDATE, The team now incudes an experienced yacht sailmaker with 16 years experience including 4 America's cup regattas 3 of which were successful.

Our loft is equiped with up to date equipment. 











                         Shade Sails (Including waterproof Pvc)

                                          Patio screens


                                   Retractable Awnings

                    Recovering outdoor products and repairs

                 Boat and Caravan Carpets and seat covers 

                                     Fabric supplies


                                      Custom fittings

                           Stainless steel Fittings/Wire













Mission Statement 

 To achieve a truly pleasing design and quality work so that others notice and we grow.